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Driver/Licensee, employees, or invitees of Driver/Licensee shall hold and The DeLong Co., Inc. harmless from any and all actions and liability and shall indemnify and The DeLong Co., Inc. against any and all claims, actions, proceedings, damages, liabilities, including all attorney' fees, by Driver/Licensee, his employees, or invitees, arising from or connected with Driver/Licensee possession and use of the rental space and premises.  All risks and losses are the sole responsibility of the Driver/Licensee. Drivers/Licensee assumes all of the risks from entering, parking and/or use of rental space or premises.  All losses of any kind, theft vandalism, damages, acts of terrorism, acts of nature, weather, floods, or any loss is the sole responsibility of the Driver/licensee.  Driver/Licensee understands and agrees that use of our services and/or property is at their own risk.  Driver/Licensee shall indemnify, and hold harmless and The DeLong Co., Inc.,  its officers, officials, affiliates, employees, shareholders and volunteers from and against any and all claims, suits, actions, or liabilities for injury or death of any person, or loss or damage to property, which arises out of Driver/Licensee's use of Premises, or from the conduct of Driver/Licensee's actions.  Driver/Licensee understand and agrees to any inspection, move or removal of any property located on the rental space or premises. Driver/Licensee understands and agrees that any property unclaimed on day 90 will be deemed abandoned and may be towed and impounded unless we have received notice in writing at The DeLong Co., Inc., c/o Patrick DeLong, P,.O. Box 552, Clinton, WI 53525.  Court order will be applied for in order to gain ownership of all abandoned property.  Once this procedure starts, the costs of said action will be the sole responsibility of the Driver/Licensee.  Once the Court Order papers are signed and finalized by the Judge, the property will no longer be the property of the Licensee.  This statement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as Illinois law allows and that, if any portion is found to be invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall continue in full legal force and effect.