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    Conveniently Located Between the BNSF Logistics Park Chicago and Union Pacific Global IV Intermodal Yards
  • ContainerParking.com

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How It Works

Easy in and out gate parking for 20', 40', 45', 53', vans, and chassis.  

Daily locked-in rates at the gate with no long term commitments and online payment option.


2131 Logistics Court
Joilet, IL 60436

Located between both intermodal yards:
3.5 miles north of BNSF LPC
2.8 miles south of UP G4


$15/Calendar Day OR

Public Parking: locked daily rate
1 day = midnight-to-midnight

Save $$$$$




Space Available




24/7 Access with fast self-service automated OCR portal system!!!

The automated OCR portal will scan your container/trailer as you enter the in gate.  The information scanned will appear on a kiosk requesting confirmation.  This saves your time typing in the identifying information.


At out gate, an automated OCR portal will again scan your container/trailer to match up the kiosk entered payment ticket with the lot's inventory.

The OCR portal saves time to complete the in gate and out gate process.